After a decade of service in the police force, Darren Hunt is running as the Australian Party candidate for the seat of Cairns.

With a long and varied professional history, Darren has a great range of experience. Previously involved with law enforcement, Darren was also responsible for devising evacuation plans for Emergency Management Queensland, focusing on Cairns and Innisfail.

As the father of two young children, Darren understands the pressures of raising a family, and the need to provide a future for our children.

He is heavily involved in his community, coaching a junior rugby league team, junior swimming team and volunteering as life saver. He was also the president of his local branch of the police union.

As a representative of the people of Cairns, Darren will focus on issues such as:

  • Dredging the Trinity Inlet
  • Extending Lake St/Airport Drive to improve traffic flow
  • Building rail from southern areas of the electorate into the city
  • Working with police to better assist community needs

With a long family history that goes back many generations in this area it pains me to see the impact that government neglect is having here locally. The two major parties are simply not up to the job anymore. I can no longer sit back and watch this happen and have decided to run for the state seat of Cairns.

It is time we had a voice in parliament again, not puppets of faceless party machines from Canberra. By posting media releases on this blog the people of Cairns can determine if we have policies and concepts that they agree with.

I ask you to join me in ensuring that Cairns and Far North Queensland gets a fair go.

To contact Darren, email cairns@ausparty.org.au



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