Today we released our policy on Indigenous issues impacting the people of FNQ. As usual the Cairns Post are not interested in reporting anything that does not help their old colleague. Here is the release in full


The Australian Party Candidates have called for a greater focus on the needs of indigenous Australians in FNQ

The Australian Party Candidate for Cairns Mr Darren Hunt said “Throughout the campaign there has been a policy vacuum in terms of indigenous needs and policy from the major parties. The LNP contract for FNQ does not include a single commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, other than to take away their traditional hunting rights. This shows the contempt they are showing for this section of our community.”

“By comparison, The Australian Party has been working with indigenous people and organisations to meet the needs of people in FNQ. As a result we have committed to-

  • ·         Not take away the rights of indigenous Australians in relation to traditional hunting. The Australian Party will fund the recording of local lore and customs with traditional owners and locals so that rules for traditional hunting are known and recorded. The Australian Party will increase the number of indigenous rangers in order to ensure hunting is conducted in line with traditional practices.
  • ·         Give First Australians the same rights as enjoyed by the rest of the world and every other Australian – the right to secure a title deed on that 25% of Australia which is ‘supposedly’ owned by them. They will be given an inalienable title deed on DOGIT areas to their home, farm, business and land so that they can say like every other Australian, “this is my land”. This will provide, facilitate and enable   economic development – impossible without a title deed.
  • ·         Require the construction of all houses and other such public works carried out  on first Australian reserved land to be by local Indigenous labour; unemployment benefits will subsidise such wages.
  • ·         Scrap Wild Rivers legislation to ensure that first Australians have the opportunity  to utilise the land that they are currently locked out of.
  • ·         Promote and facilitate trades and training programs specifically targeted at first Australian employment opportunities on remote mine sites. Unemployment rates in first Australian communities in close proximity to many mine sites are alarmingly high and represent an unused pool of labour.
  • ·         Allocate the required amount to pay out the remaining wages owed to first Australians.
  • ·         Conduct a review of the way in which the functions of ATSIS have been diluted and ensure that any overseeing body has a clear and government supported focus so that funds and services reach the frontlines where they are required and are not getting eaten away by excessive levels of bureaucracy and duplication of services.

Pushing for constitutional reform so that any referendum includes questions on issues of removing race based exclusions and formal recognition of councils.

Provide a system of interpreters for Indigenous Australians in our court system

Increase the employment opportunities of indigenous Australians through more trainee/bridging type courses for people to join the Queensland Police and Queensland Corrective Services so there is a greater representation in the legal system and processes.

Support and recognise successful health programs and initiatives conducted by Indigenous health organisations, such as WuChopperen, into our local health reforms so that funding can be directed where it achieves the best outcomes for Indigenous health.

The Australian Party is committed to ensuring that first Australians are not forgotten in our political process and will provide an inclusive process that gives them confidence they can take part in our democracy and get their voice heard.



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