Still no coverage from Cairns Post about our Bruce Hwy announcements. Here it is for you to consider.

The Australian Party candidate for Cairns, Darren Hunt, says the release of the Reconstructing Queensland policy document highlights the party focus on areas like FNQ.

Mr Hunt said “The people of Far North Queensland finally have a political party that has proven its focus will not be on Brisbane and South East Queensland. The Bruce Highway is vital to Cairns and FNQ. As a result of the Bligh government selling off our rail system we have seen a decrease in the amount of freight being moved by rail which has meant more trucks on the Bruce Highway.

“Year after year we get cut off. The Bruce Highway has continued to deteriorate to unacceptable levels, placing lives in danger. The other political parties continue to try and pork barrel the southern electorates instead of addressing what has become a national disgrace. Only The Australian Party is prepared to stand up and say, no more.”

“The ALP can only commit to some pie in the sky, half chance, maybe,  20 years down the track. Not good enough. Last night LNP candidate Robyn Quick let the cat out of the bag at the Cairns Chamber of Commerce forum that the LNP promised upgrades for the Bruce Highway will only go ahead if they get Federal funding over ten years. What happens to Cairns and the Bruce Highway if the Federal government doesn’t commit to their demands? Cairns and FNQ would be forgotten about again. They are as hopeless as each other.”

“Only the Australian Party has the courage to put the needs of the State of Queensland above pork barrelling southern electorates to win elections. The Australian Party has committed to stop the new proposed rail system for Brisbane and divert that money to where it is needed most.”

“The Bruce Highway needs to be repaired and upgraded. It is now clear that a vote for ALP or LNP is a vote for Brisbane. Only a vote for The Australian Party is a vote for Cairns and the needs of Far North Queensland. The Australian Party will deliver the much needed upgrades to the Bruce Highway.”


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