Katter’s Australia Party is the ONLY party in Queensland parliament opposed to CSG fracking at the expense of our environment and vital farm lands. Here is the release from our party leaders regarding the issues of Coal Seam Gas-


Federal and State Leaders of Katter’s Australian Party, Bob Katter and Aidan McLindon, today vowed to keep CSG exploration out of South East Queensland. Mr Katter and Mr McLindon made the commitment at the site of a CSG blockade at Kerry, south of Brisbane.

“Katter’s Australian Party will keep CSG out of SEQ. It is the only party that is serious about protecting the interests of Australian farmers from an industry that is almost wholly foreign owned,” said Mr McLindon.

“Katter’s Australian Party has a straightforward plan to achieve this. It will impose an immediate 12 month moratorium on all new CSG projects. It will give landowner the right to say no to mining. It will make South East Queensland off limits.”

“Chinese and Dutch owned Arrow Energy wants to start drilling in the heart of the Gold Coast Hinterland and on the doorstep of massive satellite cities planned for the outskirts of Brisbane. This is not good enough.”

Speaking at the site of the week-long blockade, Mr Katter said that he was happy to lead the fight for Australia’s interests.

“Only today we are reading that Australian mining companies are being pressured to buy Chinese equipment to dig up and export Australian resources and send them overseas. This madness must stop and we will do something about it,” said Mr Katter.

“The CSG industry is being hailed as the lifesaver of Queensland’s economy but the truth is far from it. It only generates a token amount of Queensland’s tax revenue while foreign companies take the profits, not Australians.”

“Even worse, the domestic price for gas is expected to increase. Analysts predict the hunger for gas exports will double Australian gas prices.”

“The reality is that CSG provides limited benefits to Queensland and we will do something about this. The tragedy is that the current ruling class in Australia, on both sides of politics, don’t care and they must be thrown out for this.”

“The need for an Australian political party with a focus on core values and principle to protect Australia’s interests is more urgent than ever and I urge all Queenslanders to stand up in this political war for Australia’s interests at the next election.”



The government has announced with much fan fare the Wild Rivers declarations in what is known as the “Channel Country.” Waters in this area feed two major water systems. The Lake Eyre Basin and the Artesian Basin. Two of the rivers under this declaration include the Diamantina and Georgina Rivers. I am very familiar with these rivers having lived in the township of Boulia. Boulia is a small town 300kms south of Mt Isa and is on the border with the N.T. On a yearly basis these rivers flood quite extensively and the area is often isolated. The townships south of Boulia being Bedourie and Birdsville also get cut off for months at a time and  what is referred to as a huge “inland sea” materialises and stretches for hundreds of kilometres.

Under the Wild Rivers declarations petroleum and gas mining is not permitted within 200metres of these rivers. Yep that says metres, not kilometres. So I’m curious how are these systems going to be protected from I don’t know let’s say CSG mining. How are the dangerous fracking chemicals going to be prevented from leaching, escaping or being dumped into these rivers? How is having CSG mining 200 metres back from a river that floods for hundreds of kilometres going to prevent this? Stupid token gestures.

Another crucial water way I mentioned is the underground Artesian water. The township of Boulia relies on bore water for it’s water supply. Homes have freshwater tanks as well, but it doesn’t rain much in Boulia. This area is also a major producer of beef cattle and some sheep. The areas south such as Winton and Longreach have more sheep production. These producers rely heavily on Artesian water. Why is it we can see token gestures on Wild Rivers, but we can’t get protection for our Artesian water supply from CSG fracking? Not only will towns be wiped out if they can’t use the water, but entire industry will be devastated.

People in Cairns often say, how will this affect us up here? Good question. Remember how much bananas cost before and after they were destroyed by cyclones? Well multiply that for the cost of sheep and beef production and imagine how much meat will cost. What aout all the jobs lost and extra money we have to pay in unemployment benefits. What about the loss of exports which means increased overseas debt and reliance on imports, which means more jobs will go.

This government has zero credibility on ANY environmental issue whilst it continues to stick its head in the sand in relation to CSG fracking and the dangers to our water systems.



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