In 1991 I attended the Queensland Police academy at Oxley. In 1991 it was falling apart. The firearms range was a deadset health hazard. Not only from the fumes, but the very regular rebounding bullets. The accommodation was pretty poor by reasonable standards. Luckily for me it was full and my mate and I had to find somewhere off campus to rent. The adjoining accommodation which was used for in-service training was not much better. Given that it was in need of replacement in 1991, imagine how much worse it is 20 years later. This govt has been promising since 2008 to replace this place. They gave themselves many pats on the back and told us how great they were. Now in an attempt to con the people of Qld treasurer Andrew Fraser is saying he is going to defer it. The man has clearly never set foot in the joint if he thinks this place is safe and suitable as a workplace in 2012. Why won’t this government finish what it promised?

I put out the following media release on 23/1/2012 as this is an issue of vital importance to the law and order needs of Queensland.


The Katter’s Australia Party Candidate for Cairns, and former Cairns police officer, Darren Hunt has called the government plan to defer building the new Queensland Police Academy a disgrace.

Mr Hunt said “The staffing levels in our area are reaching a critical level. The public works identified for a new police academy were very much needed. The old complex is falling down around their ears and does not meet the needs of a police service in 1992, let alone 2012.”

“At a time when the Queensland Police Service is struggling to get staff, this is a further blow to their ability to attract new recruits and train them to required standards.”

“You really have to question why the treasurer chose the Queensland Police Service to defer public works on in order to try and dodgy up his surplus projections. Could it have anything to do with the fact that the police secured the pay rise they deserved and this treasurer didn’t want to pay?”

“The people of Cairns and Queensland will now have to suffer because this treasurer wants to be petty and that’s not good enough. The people of Queensland need the treasurer to put trained police on the beat instead of trying to cover up his governments’ financial mismanagement with dodgy accounting tricks with an election looming. This proves once and for all the ALP do not care about police or law and order in this state.”



At the last election the government were relentless on the opposition on their plans to cut public service jobs. Then this govt did just that. LNP/ALP same

At the last election the government were relentless on the opposition policy to privatise public assets. Then they did just that. LNP/ALP same

How on earth is it that during the greatest mining boom in history we are still above the national average for unemployment?

Simple.Stupid decisions have seen us destroy our maufacturing industries that would have value added to these resources. Instead we send tonnes of resources off for peanuts and then pay truckloads for the processed materials to come back to us.

We sign up to all these free trade agreements and reduce tariffs on imports from countries that pay their workers $0.70 a week or don’t enforce the same hygiene standards we do. We play by the rules whilst overseas food producers from the EU fail to comply with their World Trade Organisation contracts for subsidised produce and our weak government cowers like a mongrel dog and says nothing.

Katter’s Australia Party will change this. We will support small business, we will support our agricultural industry and we will support the ever dwindling manufacturing industry we have left. We will actually create industries we don’t have to help create more jobs. We will ensure our producers have a level playing field.


At the last election the government slogans were jobs, jobs, Anna for jobs. Well below is the link to how well she went





There have been ongoing calls to “sure up our local tradies” in the media in recent days. The only way to keep tradies here, is to have work for them. If there’s no work, they will move to where there is work. Simple as that. The less tradies we have the more prices go up as demand outstrips supply.

I have been meeting with and listening to what the local business people and tradies have been saying to us. We have been listening to the problems they have been identifying. As a result we developed solutions that can help achieve this. By having a greater weighting for local businesses or tradies we ensure things improve in our community. Of course we do not advocate for the locals to get the job no matter how overpriced the tender, that is unrealistic. But we have had local companies missing out on work for the sake of 1% in a tender. The flow on effects of these major contracts staying here are surely worth the extra 1-2% .

Here is the media release we put out today

Media release for Tuesday 20th December 2011


The Australian Party Candidate for Cairns Darren Hunt has called for action to prevent the drain of local tradesman fromCairnsand FNQ.

Mr Hunt said “The recent events with Queensland Health shows this government has no idea what is going on right under their own nose. With the local business community and groups calling to shore upCairnstradies, the only way that can happen is if there is work here for them.”

“Our local companies and the trades men and women keep missing out on local contracts for government work. There is only a small weighting given to local companies to encourage them to remain here and they keep seeing these contracts going south. Recently we’ve seen the gaol, hospital and wharf re-developments go to southern companies. Are we going to see the same with the promised jobs from the next hospital stage and the Cairns Entertainment Precinct? Local tradies have had enough and you can’t blame them.”

“We are calling for a greater weighting to be given to local companies, tendering for government contracts locally, until our unemployment rates are back below the national average. This creates jobs here. This maintains our tradies here. That means money spent diversifying the economy here. There is enough building going on down south and with the Commonwealth Games on the way it is time our local tradies were given a go on local jobs.”

“The other step required is to ensure transparency in the tender process. We have the skills here to deliver what is needed. There is no transparency though in the current system and local companies have to risk ten’s of thousands of dollars to measure up and tender for these contracts on a maybe. This money could be spent on employing an apprentice or other staff. To provide an equitable and transparent process for all government contracts we are calling for a dual key tender process between the builder and project services. With an open and transparent process, local businesses will know why they did not get that job. Project services will know what is going on and it helps eliminate bias.”

“If we want tradies and businesses to remain inCairnswe need them to get the contracts, not just the crumbs when the southern companies don’t have enough staff to bring with them.”

Darren Hunt

Candidate forCairns        




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